Awards and Recognition Statistics and ROI Whitepaper

Did you know that the awards category in the promotional products market is about 5%?

According to the 2016 Counselor magazine, the annual revenue for the promotional products industry was $22 billion; which is about the same as the annual revenue of the NFL and MLB combined.

When put into perspective, those numbers are staggering.

It also clearly states one thing- it’s a growing market.

Awards & Recognition Stats

Statistics provide insight, context, and perspective.

They are also great as sales tools.

Whether you are new to the awards and recognition segment or want to add these numbers for your sales pitch, we have compiled a long list of stats to help you step up your game.

Our Awards & Recognition Stats and ROI Whitepaper will include the following information:

  • Statistics on employee recognition programs and awards
  • Statistics on employees
  • Return on Investment (ROI) statistics for companies
  • Employee recognition opportunities

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