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A Promotional Product Opportunity: P-O-P Displays

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Dec 31, 2019 1:47:00 PM

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A Promotional Product Opportunity: P-O-P Displays

We all know of point-of-purchase (P-O-P) displays and what they represent, but how many distributors have dipped into this growing segment?

Consumer-facing messaging is part of promotional products industry; however, it’s often overlooked.

Why? Because it’s considered outside the realm of the usual tchotchkes and many consider it too complex to attempt (which is a common misconception similar to custom awards).

Creating Point-of-Purchase Displays with Bruce Fox

Our renowned creativity and craftsmanship is a perfect fit for expressing consumer-facing messaging in tangible form. The look and feel, scale, delivery, and durability are all part of how we can effectively deliver an impactful idea or message.

And we all know that “stickiness” and impact is vital for consumer-facing messaging, especially for Point-of-Purchase displays. The piece must be interesting and engaging – the bigger the “wow factor,” the better.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

If you want a craft beer tree, we can make it. We have artists and a production staff right here in New Albany, Indiana.

If you want us to create a one-of-a-kind piece to fit your unique needs, we can do that, too. We have in-house artists ready to develop a solution just for you.

So, if you want to get started in this underrated category in the promotional products world – reach out! Or learn more by downloading our PDF about P-O-P Displays.

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