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Trend Alert: Performance-Based Recognition

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Apr 16, 2019 12:57:00 PM

Estimated Read Time: 9 Minutes

Did you know that Years of Service is the number one type of recognition organizations have in place?

Yet, employees are no longer staying at companies for 30 plus years. Gone are the days of our forefathers when employees would get one job and stay there for their entire careers.

Now, employees regularly change jobs due to poor management, better benefits, more pay, flexible hours, and other personal or career opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average person holds 12 to 15 jobs in their lifetime and that number is only projected to grow.

And with the demand for qualified employees thriving, who can blame them?

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How to Make the Transition from Order-Taker to Sales Leader

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Feb 26, 2019 8:11:00 AM

Estimated Read Time: 12 Minutes

Order-Taker – it’s not an endearing term, yet it satisfies the job description for many in the promotional products industry. From the Swag-Getters to the Branded Products Retrievers, our industry is flooded with people who just take orders without any question or real thought behind why their customer wants those tchotchkes.

Dave wrote a blog a while ago – Welcome to McPromoland, May I Take Your Order? this hit a little too close to home for some. Why? He called out many promotional products companies for being no better than a fast food joint.  

“If you are showing pictures and taking orders by number, and there is no personal relationship with your customers, then you are operating a McPromoland.”

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Posted by Dave Miller on Nov 6, 2018 1:08:00 PM

Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes 

Halloween is in the rear-view mirror, but the real spooky stuff is still in full view in the windshield ahead of us.

Anyone reading this (or taking in oxygen) understands the tariff issue and the impact it bears on the promotional products marketplace. If this harbinger has somehow passed you by, then this article from Counselor will bring you up to speed:

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Business Stand-off Plaques: Signage or Recognition?

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Aug 21, 2018 1:09:00 PM

Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes

Alright, this may be a simple question but, to some, it’s a trick question and answer.

Stand-off plaques are both - they are perfect for signage and recognition.

But how can a product have multiple applications, you may ask? That’s based on our creativity and your needs.

Besides, what is a plaque? It’s basically a piece that hangs on the wall, with something inscribed or decorated on it, right? So why can’t we utilize a plaque for professional, customized signage or award?

I’ll go over the applications for stand-off plaques and then you’ll understand that this product has rather flexible capabilities.

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A Shortcut To 27 Years Of Acquired Knowledge

Posted by Dave Miller on Feb 1, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Read Time -  5 minutes

I don’t really feel like writing an introduction, and I’ve exceeded my threshold of word count according to the little word-county-thingie at the bottom of the page.  And I didn’t really feel like finding a suitable image for this post either—I’m writing this in the morning, and I guess I’m hungry.  So let’s shortcut to my shortcut of knowledge gleaned from nearly 27 years on the job. 

Cutting through the jargon, I have learned there are a number of things that mean something much different than what you might think:

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Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Posted by Dave Miller on Jan 25, 2017 1:05:00 PM

Read Time - 6 Minutes

I was stopped at a red light near our office and factory, pointed south at the intersection of Grant Line Road and Mt. Tabor Road, a moderately busy intersection in New Albany, Indiana.  I happened to be first in line in the left lane, so I had a clear view of the woman in the car across from me, heading the opposite direction.

She was busy texting.

The light turned green for us both, and I proceded through the intersection while she sat at her green light.  She was still busy texting. 

As I made my way through the intersection, an oncoming car was moving along at a pretty good clip.  I could see, as he passed, that he was busy texting.

The screeching of tires cued me to check the sideview mirror just in time to see the ensuing collision, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of metal and plastic ramming into metal and plastic.  Like a garbage can full of Legos being dropped from 10 feet onto concrete.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Custom Awards

Posted by Dave Miller on Jun 9, 2016 11:54:18 AM

Read Time - 4 Minutes

Custom Awards Aren't So Scary

My daughter is fearless, as most 10-year olds are.

But I take solace in knowing, due to my keen parenting skills, it will prove to be a passing phase and I’ll have her scared of her own shadow before you know it.

While I agree you should not take candy from strangers—that’s how the lotion ends up in the basket—we probably go overboard with letting fear shape and govern our behavior.


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