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DYR: Certificate Holders

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Feb 18, 2020 8:49:00 AM

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One of the most common forms of recognition is a certificate. Whether for school, business, or a non-profit, people love being recognized.

Despite the need for certificates, they tend to get damaged, bent, or crumpled. It’s all too easy for certificates to look unprofessional, which will hurt the whole point of presenting the certificate.

Certificate Holders

The solution?

Utilizing a certificate holder.

Certificate holders look professional and keep the certificate safe. Furthermore, a holder makes for a better photo op than just holding up a piece of paper.

Ordering Certificate Holders

Thankfully, certificate holders are a stock-option via our DYR line – as you can see here.

The main types of frames are:

  • Ribbon Corners
  • Slide-In Frames

How to order certificate holders:

  1. Choose a piece via our website
  2. Pick the color/type
  3. State the quantity
  4. Request a Quote

Request Quote-2

Bonus: We offer certificate creation and printing service as well.

Learn more about our DYR products by going to our website. Or start a conversation here.

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