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The Fox Is Secretly Green

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Apr 17, 2018 8:53:00 AM

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Bruce Fox Recycles and Helps the Environment

No, Bruce Fox is not green with jealously. We’re talking green, as in environmentally friendly. With Earth Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give you a behind the scenes look at what Bruce Fox does to do our part.

Why do we care about the environment?

We have been around for 80 years, meaning we have a special interest in preservation and longevity. Also, our founder, Bruce Fox, traveled to South America, taking in the culture and learning from local artists. Since then, he often drew from nature for inspiration for his art.

So, when it comes to our children’s future and preserving the beautiful Earth we live on, we care deeply and will always avidly work to assist.

Here are three ways, out of many others, that we utilize to “be green.”

Recycle Paper

Alright, it’s the classic, but as an older company that does design, we still use some paper filing, regularly ship, and print cards to be inserted into custom awards boxes, so we have to recycle. We print a lot. As a business in our industry and as old as we are, it’s hard not to. However, that’s why we have a recycling bin in each of our printing areas. This means that we have easy access to recycling locations that are frequently used.

Of all of what we do, this is the easiest for all companies and industries; and it should be a basic for everyone.

Recycle Our Metal and Excess

As a manufacturing company, we believe recycling the metal is important. Since we use a variety of metals, we find it essential to safely and responsibly dispose of the sorted metal pieces. We have a recycling company that picks up the paper and metal. The paper gets recycled to other paper products, while the metal is smelted into more metal sheets or other metal products.

Waste Water Treatment

 Before and after water treatment process

 Pictured here is the before and after of our water treatment process.

We are a manufacturing company that works with chemicals that can damage the environment. So we took action early on. Our system was put on line around 20 years ago—well ahead of the “green scene”—and even today it exceeds all EPA and OSHA standards.

As important as any part of our operation, our Waste Water Treatment facility is a closed-loop system, which culminates all rinse agents from photo processing, chemical etching, and electroplating. This means we balance the high or low-acidity levels, take out the metals and other particles, and clean the water through various filters. The water then goes to the local water treatment plant to be turned into clean drinking water while the now non-harmful particles are rendered safe to go back into the environment at the local landfill.

                          purifying the water used in our production process What is extracted from the water by our waste water treatment system

Pictured to the left is a visual of the separation of metals and other "sludge" particles from the purified water.

Pictured right is what we extract from the water. It's an aggregate of mineral elements right off the Periodic Table. 

Among our waste water facility crew are three operator-technicians who monitor and manage this facility every hour during plant operations. All told, our treatment facility is a multi-million dollar investment we have undertaken as a commitment to the quality of our product and our environment.

We love our beautiful plant and want to assist to keep it clean and thriving, so we have taken steps to help. If you’d like to learn more about our green efforts or would like to start a conversation, feel free to reach out. We’d love to share our knowledge and ideas.

Tell us what your company does to help the environment in the comments!

Happy Earth Day!

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