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¡Haiku-rumba!  5-7-5 Creative Ways To Kill Time

Posted by Dave Miller on Apr 17, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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Happy Hour Haiku 

In the interest of full disclosure, this article has absolutely nothing to do with the challenges or opportunities you might face as a promotional products distributor.  In fact, it doesn’t really have to do with anything in particular.  Except…

Drumroll, please!

Today is Haiku Poetry Day!  Woo-hoo!  I know, right?  Who woulda thunk it?  Well, whoever it was should be canonized at once as St. Genius, the Patron Saint of Seventeen Syllables. I mean, if yesterday can be designated Eggs Benedict Day, it only makes sense that Haiku should have its own day.

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In honor of Haiku Poetry Day, I wanted to share some of the haiku I have written.  Writing haiku is pretty easy—rhyming is not necessary, and the only hard and fast rule is that a proper haiku must be three lines composed of syllables numbering 5, 7 and 5 respectively.  I frequently deploy it as a late-night sedative that is superior to counting sheep.  And it’s a great airplane sport.  But be warned, if you opt to compose haiku in public, people will give you odd looks for continually counting on your fingers.

So enjoy some haiku while I book a trip to Nantucket—there’s only 25 days until Limerick Day!


No rhyme or reason

to National Haiku Day

April 17th


I had my locks changed.

Now the stalker can’t find me

With my new blond hair.


Short front and long back.

It will grow on me with time

To mull it over.


Clever emojis!

They express our feelings and

Don’t count in haiku J


It’s common knowledge

That two wrongs don’t make a right.

Although three lefts do.



About beavers are the best

Dam movies ever.


I tried to hide it

But my last will was clearly

A dead giveaway


I like gummy bears

Because the bears with teeth are

Pretty dangerous.


I had a pencil

That I sharpened constantly

But it was pointless.


The two silkworms raced

But neither won because they

Ended in a tie.


She was engaged to

A man with a wooden leg

But she broke it off.


I am a math nerd

But my parents are to blame:

They gave me square roots.


If you are scared of

Elevators, start taking

Steps to avoid them.


No matter how much

You push the envelope it’s

Still stationary.


You can only ran—

Not run—through campsites

Because it’s past tents.


The clown held the door

As I entered the building.

It’s a nice jester.


When ordered to stop

Imitating flamingoes

I put my foot down


I find—each time I

Google “conjunctivitis”—

A site for sore eyes.


I asked a French man

If he played video games

His response was “Wii.”


An advertisement

For coffins reminds me it’s

The last thing I need.


Bad perforations

Are awful, but good ones are

Really tearable.


From dusk until dawn

The rotation of the Earth

Is what makes my day.


An eskimo home

Is an easy thing to build.

Igloos together.


If a noisy pig

Comes down with laryngitis

Is it disgruntled?


One thing I have learned

Is that double negatives

Are a big no-no.


I went to buy a

Camouflage jacket but I

Just couldn’t find one.


The explosion at

The fromage factory left

Nothing but de Brie.


“Doc!  I’m addicted

To Twitter!”  To which he said,

“I don’t follow you.”


I admit I’m scared

Of speed bumps, but I’m slowly

Getting over it.


I’m reading a book

About anti-gravity.

I can’t put it down!


A theatrical

Performance focused on puns

Is a play on words.


Rating my haiku,

I know some are for better

And some are for verse.


D Ave.jpgDave Miller is VP of Sales & Marketing at Bruce Fox, Inc. and a professional writer by virtue of the fact his company is paying him to write this blog.  He plans to celebrate Pythagorean Theorum Day on August 15, 2017, an event that won’t happen again until December 16, 2020.  The goal of his blog is to “edu-tain” (educate + entertain) promotional products distributors, with a focus on custom work.  Dave also finds it very awkward to write about himself in the third person.