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Traveling with Awards

Posted by Kristina Hublar on May 15, 2018 8:10:00 AM

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Traveling with Awards

Awards tend to travel. Whether they’re going to a local place basically in your backyard, going to an exotic or central location to be presented, or the point of the trophy is to travel, even internationally. We’ve seen it all. We’ve made it all.

So, with our experience, here are a few tips we’ve put together to be aware of when traveling with awards.

When in the Design Phase

When designing your award, be sure to mention to your Relationship Manager that the award will have to travel. With our knowledge and experience, we understand what travels well and will design accordingly with you. You and your recipients will appreciate the ease of traveling with the award later.

Traveling with Awards: Going to the Event

Before you go anywhere, there’s a standard in the industry – inspection. Make sure you have inspected and checked the awards first. Give yourself enough time for any fixes, if necessary.

After inspection, make sure you repack the awards in the packaging. It kept the awards safe when being shipped to you, if packed back properly; it should keep the awards safe again. This is especially important if you didn’t order custom packaging for the awards.

Then, you can ship the awards to the location or you can take them yourself, either way, make sure everything is packaged and secured properly, like when it came to you.

Bonus: If you would like us to ship direct to the location, would like to desk drop, or some of the order goes to one place and some to others, Bruce Fox can do it! Learn more about some of the services we provide here

Tips for at the Event

Be sure to take the awards out, maybe wipe off your fingerprints after checking the awards earlier. It’s always good to have a nice presentation.

It’s also smart to line up the awards by the order they will be presented. It makes the award presentation go quite a bit smoother.

When presenting, remember that you shake hands with your right and hand the award with your left. Then, be sure to stop and allow for a photo moment – your marketing/PR team will thank you.

Traveling with Awards: The Recipients Taking the Awards Home

If traveling further than just sticking the award in a safe place in your car, then recipients need to wrap the award in some soft cloth. For best results, wrap in a few soft clothes and then wrap with a sturdy one. Often people with wrap in clothing and stick in suitcases.

Some forward thinkers will bring bubble wrap with them. We’ve even seen people bring a box dedicated to traveling with their awards.

But many have found that the security of custom packaging gives that extra layer of protection that makes it easier to travel with, just wrap it with clothing and go, typically.

Traveling Awards

On a different note, if the award is not traveling with a person, but will be shipped around as a traveling award, then custom packaging is a must. Let us be frank, how often have you seen your luggage just thrown around at the terminal? In addition, instead of having one solid piece, it is better that it easily comes apart and reassembles for travel, which allows for extra padding and protection around the “weaker spots” while still keeping it clean.

No matter if your award is traveling close by or internationally, be sure to bring a clean, dry cloth to take off any fingerprints or specks of dirt before the presentation. At Bruce Fox, we make sure the award is clean when it’s packaged, but when you take it out for inspection, those dirty digits might be obvious.

Looking for award ideas for your event? It just so happens that we have a blog for that – read it here.

Looking for additional tips for awards? Check out our blog or our Distributor Tools. Of course, we are always happy to answer questions or to help, so feel free to reach out as well.


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