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Where Are Government Seals Made?

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Nov 19, 2019 1:54:00 PM

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48-inch government seal made by the Bruce Fox, Inc. team

When you fly internationally or visit a government building, you may have noticed a government seal. But have you ever wondered where those seals come from? Where they are made?

They are actually made here in New Albany, Indiana at Bruce Fox, Inc.

It has been our honor to supply the U.S. Department of Homeland Security seals and signage for border entry points for the last 17+ years.

From the Department of Homeland Security seals to the podium seal for the President of the United States, we make a wide variety of government seals.

How We Make Government Seals

But how do we make them?

First, we create the patterns and molds in house in painstaking detail.  

Next, we make the seal in our exclusive material – a cast urethane we call Foxite. Which is similar to acrylic, but more durable and flexible to our needs. It is cast by hand in the highly-detailed rubber molds.

Once created, we hand-paint the seals, but each seal has different requirements. Some are spray-painted with some finishing touches, while others require intricate paint work.

We have various stages of the painting process in order to ensure the best quality product. And we always seal our pieces with a protective coating afterward.

Since the seals come in a plethora of sizes and are used in a variety of ways, we make sure of the dimensions, quantity, and use in the acquisition order. That way we can provide the necessary treatments. Such as, if it’s an outdoor seal, it will need our optional outdoor coating to seal it properly from the elements. Or, if it’s a larger piece, then it will need additional hanging fixtures to secure it to the wall properly.

Once finished, it goes through our quality control and shipping departments.

We have a proprietary system for managing data, including orders and shipping addresses, called FoxTrot (Transactional Recipient Order Tracker). It’s a programmed database for receiving, storing, scrubbing, and linking recipient data seamlessly throughout our operations. FoxTrot maintains the integrity of critical data and feeds it into our production and outbound shipping systems in proper sequence for flawless execution.

Who Makes the Government Seals?

So, the next time you pass a government building, stand in line at the airport, or watch an announcement from the White House, you know where those seals were made: in an 81+ year-old shop in New Albany, Indiana.

Want to learn more about Bruce Fox? We have a rich history we’d love to share or you can check out a sampling of our custom work. We design and produce meticulously-crafted high-end solutions, such as recognition awards and branded displayable products of all kinds.

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