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Do You Know Bruce Fox?

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Jul 2, 2019 10:09:00 AM

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Do You Know Bruce Fox's Full Color Plaques?

Perhaps you have seen us at a tradeshow or received our emails—perhaps you’ve been kind enough to order from us. Even if this is the case, how well do you really know us?

While it’s true that awards (and other displayable products) is our core practice--and what we are renown for—we also offer a wide range of easy and accessible plaques for virtually any need.

Do You Know Bruce Fox’s DYR Line?

DYR means Design Your Recognition. That’s great, but what does that mean?

DYR is our collection of stock products that feature totally customizable designs. Guide the design with logos, colors, wording, and other graphic elements to make the DYR product perfect for your customer. With your direction, our graphic design team will fill the blank canvas with ideas for you.

The best part? Because DYR is our stock line, it means value pricing, quick turnaround times, and low minimums – perfect for a busy Promotional Products Distributor.

You know Bruce Fox as a design & build custom shop—and we certainly are that.  But we also want to be sure you know our DYR line.  We will be offering a series of articles outlining a wide range of our DYR line, including:

  1. FULL-COLOR PLAQUES – Today’s feature
  3. VALUE PLAQUES – July 9
  4. GALLERY PLAQUES – July 11
  7. SIGNAGE – July 23
  8. FRAMED AWARDS – July 25
  10. CLASSIC SOLUTIONS – August 1

Here’s #1 on the list…FULL-COLOR PLAQUES

Full Color Plaques

We have four design series within the FULL-COLOR PLAQUES category:

Splash of Color

          Themed Plaques

                 The Tuxedo Collection

                          Precious Metals


These plaques are 5/8” thick wood panels which are digitally-printed in UV ink. The imprinted image is a full-bleed, and the face of the plaque is coated with a high-gloss laminate for a lustrous finish and durability.

There are a total of 144 size, color and design variations among the four FULL-COLOR PLAQUES series, so there is something for everyone!

Here’s a quick pricing reference for you, or click here to navigate directly to the category page on our website for all the details.


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