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Material Insight: Foxite

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Nov 26, 2019 8:33:00 AM

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Material Insight - Foxite

When it comes to awards, glass, acrylic, wood, metal – and many other substrates – are very familiar to you and your clients.

But have you ever heard of Foxite? Unless you’ve been on our website or following our blogs, you likely haven’t.

What is Foxite?

Foxite is a specially-formulated, high-density polyurethane resin compound that is cast by hand in highly-detailed rubber molds created at Bruce Fox. That’s certainly a mouthful, so “Foxite” is a whole lot easier!

Foxite is a Bruce Fox exclusive. It is a cast urethane that can be molded in nearly limitless shapes with a high fidelity of detail. It is extremely durable and can be machined and finished in a variety of treatments.

What Can We Make with Foxite?

We can mimic the look of wood grain or create a smooth, high-gloss finish with Foxite – basically anything someone can imagine.

Material Insight Foxite

With our versatile Foxite, we can make:

  • Trophies
  • Recognition Awards
  • Plaques
  • Commemorative and Event Gifts
  • Honor Walls and Lobby Installations
  • Signage and Identification
  • P-O-P Displays
  • Emblematic Seals
  • Marketing and Promotional Products
  • Mission Statement Displays
  • Architectural and Decorative Elements
  • Products Replicas and Miniatures

A full piece can be made of Foxite or just elements - that’s the beauty of Foxite.

Each of these features at least one Foxite element:


Case Study: Jim Buescher’s Memorial Golf Award


The Need:

A multi-tiered suite of trophies for a memorial golf event.

The Result:

After meetings and conversations, the various parties agreed upon a design (pictured above). It was symbolic and meaningful for the award.

Once approved, the piece went through our process, which began with Jered sculpting the piece by hand to create a mold.

Since the sculpt was complex, it had to be molded in Foxite. It’s the best material to pick up the intricate detail. After molding the various pieces, the awards were prepped for gold plating.

Bruce Fox, Inc. is also a traditional metal-plating operation, where components of all types are given decorative plated finishes in bright and satin coppers, brasses, nickels, silvers and karat golds. In this case, the memorial award was gold plated.

After creation, the awards were assembled and shipped out.

The event and awards were a success!

Want to learn more? Read this blog about how to design a custom award from scratch or reach out to start a conversation.

How to Design a Custom Award From Scratch

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