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When Was the Last Time You Showed Your Employees Some Love?

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Feb 11, 2020 12:34:00 PM

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When Was the Last Time You Showed Your Employees Some Love?

Employees are the true lifeblood of all companies. They are what keeps your company running, even when you are away.

And when your employees are happy, you can’t help but notice the difference. From happier customers to increased efficiency, there are countless ways that employee engagement and employee happiness affects businesses.

When Was the Last Time You Recognized Your Employees?

Even though you know that employee happiness is vital for employee engagement and the overall success of your company, when was the last time you showed your employees that you cared?

Recognizing employees for a job well done is more than a want, it’s a need (as stated in this blog).

But you have to keep in mind on how often you recognize your employees. Inconsistency and recognition without strategy are counterproductive to what you’re trying to accomplish. If your employees feel that you’re not genuine with your recognition, they will not feel valued or appreciated. Similar to when we receive a compliment, we want it to be genuine. Otherwise it feels awkward, forced, and does both a disservice.

Recognizing Employees

So, do you recognize your people weekly? Monthly? Yearly? Or only when someone fulfills a prerequisite?

The when and why do matter. Especially to your employees. It has to be meaningful to them, you, and your company. You must be strategic.

When people feel valued and recognized, they are happier and more engaged, which leads to those benefits I mentioned earlier.

So, I’ll ask one more time as I sign off, when was the last time you showed your employees some love? When was the last time you recognized your people?

Start recognizing your people by talking to us – we can help you develop a recognition program to suit your needs.

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