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Stop Selling

Posted by Kristina Hublar on Aug 13, 2019 2:06:00 PM

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Stop Selling

I know it sounds counter-intuitive. A supplier should want a distributor to sell, right?

Not in this case.

We want you to stop selling.

Instead, we want you to…

  • Think
  • Ask questions
  • Have a real conversation

Stop Selling

We define custom beyond the oversaturated term in the promotional products industry of “customized.”

Custom to us does not mean picking a few colors, adding a logo, and writing a few lines of text – that’s our DYR division.

No, custom means taking a blank piece of paper and drawing/designing a piece from scratch. (Learn our custom process here.)

Stop Selling

So, when it comes to our products, we want you to stop selling. Stop doing what you do for all those other products out there – drinkware, wearables, and anything else.


Because that won’t work for our products.

Custom Takes More Than the Usual Sales Tactics

Your clients aren’t used to sales tactics outside of the usual in this industry and neither are you, which means you can surprise your clients with something 100% unique to them. As well as expanding your sales chops – stepping up into a more specialized and unique products league.

Custom takes more than getting an order and you fulfilling it. It takes more than an order-taker - it takes a consultant.

Someone who regularly meets or talks with their clients outside of orders. Someone who regularly walks the halls of their client’s building. Someone who knows their client’s goals and pain points this quarter (and every quarter). Someone who differentiates themselves beyond speed and price. Someone who asks why.

Doesn’t sound like you? Then you won’t be successful in selling truly custom products.

But if this does sound like you – then you could be poised to make a lot of money.

Custom typically means bigger clients, bigger budgets (people expect custom to be expensive and are willing to pay for it), and a high likeliness of repeat orders.

80% of custom awards repeat annually

Stop Mindlessly Selling

If you want to work with us, we need you to stop selling.

If you’re willing to stop going into a meeting with bags of promo products, already poised with “all the solutions they need,” and instead, have a conversation first, then work with a supplier partner to propose solutions that fit the client’s needs, then we want to talk with you.

We want to work with those willing to step outside of the normal. Move upstream from the over-fished hole to the more exclusive and prosperous fishing spot.

We want to see you be a sales leader, instead of an order-taker, and we’re willing to help you make the change.

We will gladly guide you and provide resources to help you stop selling.

Reach out to get started or to learn more.

Kristina Hublar, Marketing Specialist Kristina Hublar is your friendly neighborhood Marketing Specialist at Bruce Fox, Inc., which means she is the person behind the keyboard for the social media, emails, website, and other marketing efforts. In her spare time, you’ll find her plotting her next road trip, bobbing along to music while crafting, spending time with loved ones, or with her nose in a book.  

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